Meeting & Conferences

We provide four elegant halls that will cater to your specific requirements. From confidential business meetings to grand functions to celebrate and cherish for a lifetime, we have it all here in Cochin Palace. :-

Royal Chamber
A corporate theme inspired board room hall, where you can conduct your business or corporate meetings. The Royal Chamber guarantees a peaceful environment, ensuring you have a professional and productive meeting.
Capacity: 10 pax
Captial Enclave
Sometimes you want that quality time with your loved ones be it a small get together, or a very special function with your best people. Capital Enclave is that special hall that promises you the beauty of togetherness, along with absolute warm-toned interiors that further sets the ambience.
Capacity: 10-40 pax
Ambient Regal
The name gives it all. Ambient Regal is the perfect choice to cherish all your joyous moments, where every moment is deluged in magnificence. Grandeur, opulence, splendour- are only words to describe the ambience of Ambient Regal, but the experience, perhaps cannot be contained in those words.
Capacity: 40-80 pax
Oriental Ballad
The supreme pride of Cochin Palace, the most elegant and resplendent hall of all is marked by the truly grand Oriental Ballad. Inspired by the royalty of the East, this is where you conduct your grandest events and we serve to make each of those moments nothing short of a ‘Once in a lifetime experience’.
Capacity: 80-300 pax

Floating Crowd Can Accommodate Upto 600

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